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A piano is a beautiful addition to any home and can provide endless family enjoyment. Because the basic construction of the piano has not changed in well over 100 years, a quality piano purchased today will not become obsolete with changes in technology. A properly maintained piano will still be performing for your grandchildren.
Buying a piano is a sound investment. Pianos hold their value much longer than almost any other product. There was a time when most homes had a piano. While that time is behind us, the best of those instruments are the ones we're restoring today to provide musical enjoyment for the next 100 years.

Our New Pianos

The whole point of buying a piano is to enjoy the music you create with it. The new pianos we represent have been chosen for their beauty of tone and quality of construction. Each piano is custom-designed by our staff, a process that can take up to 2 days. At, The Piano People, we want you to enjoy your purchase.

Come visit us today and our team can point you in the direction of the perfect new or pre-owned piano.
New piano

Why Purchase a New Piano?

For the ultimate in beauty and longevity, a new piano is the selection of choice. Today’s pianos are well built, with skilled labor and high-quality materials. If the budget will allow, a new piano purchase today will still be providing musical enjoyment for decades to come.
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Check back often to see our selection of pianos currently for sale. We have a selection of different sizes and styles available.

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